Adult General Health

I also offer advice and treatment in all areas of general health, not just women’s health. Digestive, Allergies, immune, thyroid,

fatigue, stress and mental health to name a few. Although most people come to see me with a purpose in mind, I stress that I don’t merely treat symptoms or “conditions”, but YOU as a person. Two people may present with the same diagnosis, but feel completely different. This is the essence and beauty of naturopathy; you are treated as an individual, not a diagnosis. I utilitise Healthscope labs, giving you access to over 80 diagnostic patholothical and functional tests including salivary hormone testing, hair mineral analysis, liver function, stool analysis, MTHFR folate conversion status, individual vitamin and mineral analysis and food allergy testing to name just a few.

In May 2015 I was lucky enough to be chosen to travel to Sydney and complete my GAPS (Gut and Psychology Syndrome) under the guidance and direction of Dr Natasha Campbell McBride.  I now counsel patients on incorporating the GAPS diet for themselves and their families to achieve optimal gut health and overcome their poor digestion, immunity, allergies and mental health conditions.  You can read more here

In that same trip I also completed my first year training in a 3 year fellowship with the Mindd Foundation which pioneers and tracks the latest research into children’s mental health, looking at gut health and other toxic and environmental factors affecting our mood and behaviour.