Jan Juc Chiropractic Clinic

Tree of Life Natural Health and Fertility

1 Stuart Avenue, Jan Juc VIC 3228, Australia

PH: 03 5264 7477

Fax: 03 5264 7499


New patient initial consultation $1 25 hour

Children’s initial consultation $115 1 hour

Standard return consultation $80 ½ hour

Concession return consultation $70 ½ hour

Child return consultation $70 ½ hour


Initial consultation are for 1 hour and include a thorough systems review, with emphasis on your presenting symptom or condition. Obtaining a full medical and family history is also important so come armed with as much information about your own medical/health history as well as immediate family members as you can.

Naturopaths ask lots of questions too, we like detail and believe on getting the full picture before proceeding with any treatment.

It is also really helpful to bring along any copies of blood tests or investigations you may have had done recently (in the last 12 months). This is as simple as asking for a copy of your results to be printed out from your medical clinic reception.

Included in this hour is a small amount of time allocated to make up any prescribed medications.

Clinical exam may include iridology, tongue analysis, blood pressure or any other physical exams required such as temperature or lymph node palpation.


Follow up appointments are for ½ an hour and will review current treatment and symptoms as well as any tests that may have been ordered or requested. Included in this time is a small amount of time to make up any prescribed medications.


We conveniently have a HICAPS machine located at the clinic which means that most private health care rebates are able to be performed straight away. No more claiming online or forgetting to claim all together!


If you have elected ancillary cover as part of your private health insurance cover, a portion of your consultation is redeemable. Medicaments are not covered.


Although I am a classically trained Naturopath, my style is very much a mix of Western and natural medicine. I whole heartedly believe in having as many pieces of your jigsaw puzzle as I can before initiating any long term treatment. This will often mean I will request some sort of testing whether it be blood, saliva, hair mineral analysis, food allergy testing, liver testing and genetic tests to name a few. I also ask for copies of any blood tests you may have performed by your GP or medical specialists.


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