DETOX & Cleanse Programs


If you are specifically after support for detoxification, weight loss or just after help “cleaning up” your diet and lifestyle, there is a plan for you.

Detox can be a tricky area to navigate safely and confidentently on your own, some store bought ones can be down right dangerous.

Typically my detox plans follow a ‘weed, seed and feed’ type plan. What does this mean?!

This is usually a 6 week plan whereby each phase, ie, the weed, seed and feed phases takes 2 weeks. You will be given supplements in the form of nutrients, amino acids and herbs to take to customise your plan, and of course finish off with putting the good guys back in in the form of probiotics.

The ‘WEED” phase is essentially weeding out all the bad guys. Using herbs that are anti microbial, anti parasitic and cleansing for the bowel and gut gets you starting the detox off on a clean slate, this is accompanied by dietary guidance.

The ‘SEED’ phase includes liver and gut support to basically, ‘plant the seeds’ for a healthier gut and digestive tract and the final phase, the ‘FEED’ phase incorporates probiotics to recolonise the gut and bowel afterwards.

I find a lot of patients then like to continue with the clean eating to maintain how good they feel once theyve finished detoxing, lots of patients come in once a year just to do their annual cleanse!

Most people would benefit enormously from undergoing a detox, however, there are some exceptions, particularly those with diagnosed digestive disease, those with chronic illness and those taking prescriptions. If you are unsure, please feel free to call ahead and ask me personally before booking an appointment.

Do you experience any of the following….

Digestive pain, bloating, stabbing pains, wind, constipation/diarrhoea, thrush, fatigue, bad breath, poor immune system, anxiety, depression, poor diet, smoke/drink alcohol, history of drug use/abuse, antibiotic use, do you take the contraceptive pill?, PMS, period pain. You see where I’m going with this! Pretty well everyone would benefit from an annual detox.

For assistance and guidance losing weight, my approach is a little different. I’m not into shakes, meal replacements or crash diets. Come and see me for weight loss if you are interested in the why’s and how’s of your current weight. I like to look and assess for underlying causes including hormones, mental emotional triggers, digestive health and education. Do you know what’s REALLY good for YOUR body? There is no formula.

Word of warning, there are no quick fixes offered, just good old fashioned guidance and support with diagnostic back up.