Detox your homes

Chemicals, cleaning products, environmental toxins, cosmetics and non organic food weigh heavily on our body’s toxic load. Our obsession with cleaning everything within an inch of its life with bleach and harsh cleaning chemicals is a major source of carcinogenic compounds. Cosmetics and skin care feed chemicals and heavy metals straight into our blood stream via the skin. We once considered our skin purely and simply a barrier, but how I ask my patients to think about their skin is more like a sponge. A big thirsty sponge, ready to absorb and suck up anything that comes close. We know through studies that tissue removed from cancerous breasts contain unusually high levels of aluminium. What is our biggest carrier of aluminium that almost every person uses on a daily basis? Deodorant. Aluminium filled deodorant that we spray under our arms,straight into the lymphatic system and into breast tissue. Antiperspirants block one of the body most important detoxifying channels, sweat. Block that up and toxins simply recirculate and accumulate.

Mercury is another big concern. Amalgam fillings provide a direct portal into your body. Many people think that once the filling is in the tooth, as long as you leave well alone, all is ok, yes? No. Using special equipment, Mercury vapours are found to continue to emit from teeth post mortem. Heat also increases emissions, every cup or tea and coffee that washes past your fillings will increase emissions.

Lead, a lovely excipient in most lipsticks and make up products. Lead, Mercury and Aluminium are all highly implicated heavy metals in the causation of a range of health problems including Autism, Alzheimers disease and chronic fatigue syndromes, to name just a few.

In your homes, the myriad of cleaners contain around 1000 known carcinogenic substances. Liquid from your dishwasher that leaves your dishes lovely and shiny, full of toxins. Paint, mould and fire retardant chemical in new furniture, carpets and children’s pyjamas that they sleep in every singly night and breathe in. Toxic.

I know what you are thinking. I do. This is ridiculous, over the top, how can I possibly avoid all of these things. Easy. Turf your chemical cleaners and replace them with eco friendly , biodegradable cleaners or simply vinegar, lemon juice and bi carb. Throw out your soaps, we do not need smelly soaps full of sodium laurel sulphate. Use water, coconut oil, essential oils or eco friendly, chemical free alternatives.

Choose non toxic, cotton clothing for your kids. If your family suffers allergies, asthma, skin irritations and fatigue, look around your home first. How old is your house? Do you have mould, dust mite? If so, address it, clove bud oil is a wonderful mould killer!

I have mentioned this before, but avoid plastics like the plague. Use glass and ceramic instead. Avoid aluminium cookware.

Do NOT USE air fresheners and room deodorisers. You may as well hook yourself up to an IV full of chemicals.

Avoid renovating when you are pregnant, considering getting pregnant or have young children in the house. If you must, move out while the painting is happening and remove your family from the toxic storm.

We are living in a toxic world. We are destroying our environment at a rapid rate with man made chemicals. Cancer and disease are more than genetics, genes are manipulated by their environment, particularly environments rich in carcinogenic substances.

Don’t even get me started on pesticides. The correlation and evidence of use of pesticides and the development of Autism, ADD, mental health problems, allergies and chronic disease is there, it is just very well hidden.

Take control of what you can and clean up your life, for the sake of your health.