What is a Naturopath and what can I expect in my consultation?

Naturopaths are degree qualified, natural health care practitioners. The 4 year science based degree equips us with anatomy and physiology, chemistry, biology, clinical diagnosis, clinical examination, herbal medicine, nutritional medicine and homoeopathy. This wonderful exposure to both the western and natural medicine aspects of health care mean that you, as the patient, can have full confidence in my diagnostic and treatment capacity.

Naturopathy is essentially about finding a root cause to your symptoms and treating that, as opposed to a band-aid that may only get you out of trouble for a short period of time. It requires an innate understanding of how the body works at a functional, hormonal, biological and chemical level. 10 people may present with fatigue, but have 10 completely different reasons for feeling tired such as low iron, low thyroid function, poor diet, hormonal imbalances, allergies etc. Naturopaths should really be called detectives!

Will I have to take lots of supplements?

It really depends on your specific requirements, but most patients require at least one medication whether it is a herbal formula or a vitamin supplement, often patients require multiple, however generally this is only short term, not forever! There are lots of ways to take supplements, liquid, tablets, capsules and powders, we can work out what best suits your needs.

Will I have to change my diet?

Not necessarily, depending on how good you already are! Diet is not just about energy in and energy out, but about the nutritional make up, content and whether or not your body even digests certain foods very well. Most of the time I do offer some nutritional and dietary recommendations based on your requirements. I place a huge emphasis on ‘food as medicine’ and have huge belief in the benefits of whole foods, home grown and organic produce and buying the best quality ingredients and produce you can afford. Diet really is the foundation to your overall health. A diet of twisties and coke will not equate to bountiful energy or a happy digestive system!

What if I need to get in touch with you in between appointments?

I consult 10am-6pm Mondays and Thursdays. If you have any questions, queries or information to pass on in between appointments, there are a few options. The easiest way to get in touch is via email, this eliminates phone tag and Chinese whispers! My email address is beccy_kate@hotmail.com. I endeavour to return all emails promptly, however, due to family and teaching commitments, this is not always possible. If you prefer to speak with me over the phone, please call the clinic on 52647477 on my consulting days, Monday and Thursday. If you have copies of results to pass on, either scan and email them directly to me or drop in a hard copy at reception in a sealed envelope with your name.

Are natural medicines safe alongside my prescription medication?

I am trained in herb and nutrient/drug interactions. There are absolutely some natural medicines that should be avoided with certain medications and this will all be taken into account when I am deciding on the appropriate herbs/supplements for you. Never take any natural medicines in conjunction with your prescribed medication without checking with a qualified health care practitioner first. Generally speaking, this is rare, but some interactions can be serious.