Female fertility

I think what naturally happens with a couple trying to conceive and you are not falling pregnant, is that women naturally feel ‘responsible’, guilty or like they are failing. As you will read under ‘preconception care’ and ‘male fertility’, the health of the male and female partners is equally as important and implicated in infertility. It is literally almost 50/50 according to Australian statistics. Yet I would say 99% of my fertility clientele is female as they feel like they need to ‘fix’ themselves. I always encourage the blokes to book in for their own appointment for the once over, if only for peace of mind.


The majority of barriers that women are up against when it comes to fertility are hormonal. Whether diagnosed medially already, or through my own diagnostic, hormone testing, most hormone conditions such as PCOS, endometriosis and irregular periods can be managed with the right dietary and nutritional modifications and individualised herbal prescription. Other considerations for fertility health include common deficiencies like iron and vitamin D. Thyroid disease is also increasingly on the rise and is one of the most common causes of infertility in women outside the reproductive hormones. A simple blood test can check the health of your thyroid and should be a part f of any good preconception care blood work up ordered by your GP.

And sometimes, there just seems to be no identified ‘medical reason’ for you not to be conceiving. In these situations, all facets of your health are taken into account. Diet, exercise, stress and adrenal function, occupation, medical and family history, psychological and emotional health, your relationship, timing and sex!

I honestly feel like there is always a ‘reason’, it is just a matter of thinking outside the square and taking the time to investigate and consider all avenues. I am patient and persistent and will keep digging until I am told to stop!