Fertile ground

Fresh from completing my masterclass in fertility last weekend, I feel obliged to share some scary and shocking new statistics from the most recent research undertaken in the area of fertility. Although my clinic specializes in assisting couples with fertility and preconception care, you don’t need to be in the health care profession to recognise the alarming rise in couples having difficulty conceiving.

There are many theories as to why…… That couples are starting their families later in life, the effect of the oral contraceptive pill, diet and lifestyle changes, pollution and toxins in the environment, the list is endless.

It is my strong belief based on clinical presentations as well as extensive research that it really is a combination of all of these factors.

Working in fertility can be an extremely emotional job, it requires an enormous amount of empathy, compassion and understanding, but above all, it requires second to none detective skills. The key to a couples success in falling pregnant is going over all aspect of their healthcare and lifestyle with a fine tooth comb including diet, lifestyle, toxic exposure, family and medical history as well as pathology and salivary hormone testing and sperm analysis. Preconception care should always be undertaken before you decide to embark on starting your family. You have ONE chance at forming the DNA of your child, this is irreversible and for the sake of a few months of clean living and supplementation, you can make an enormous difference to your pregnancy experience and ultimately the health of your child.

It has long been the belief that the underlying factor contributing to infertility rested on the female. When in reality, it is estimated that 48% of a couple’s inability to conceive is due to identified sperm abnormalities. 40 Years ago the average sperm count was

60 million per sample, astonishingly, the average sperm count in 2012 is 15 million! What has happened to the integrity of sperm in the last 4 decades?? Stress, processed and packaged foods, plastics, radiation, sedentary lifestyle, exposure to more environmental pollutants… SCARY STUFF.

In addition to individual prescription and treatment, there are key recommendations that are core to my fertility patients.

NO smoking, caffeine, alcohol, recreational drugs. Clean up the diet, exercise, drink 30ml of water per kilo of body weight and include some relaxing activities in their lives.

It is a cruel and alarming trend that is devastating and affecting so many couples. I urge all couples having difficulty conceiving, in addition to consulting their medical professional that you consider the huge importance of optimal nutrition and diet to ensure health of egg and sperm quality. IVF is an amazing and remarkable medical option for many couples, however what it does not address is the importance and intricate nature of doing 3-4 months of PRE conception care to maximise your chances of conception, and ultimate, your precious baby.