At the other end of your reproductive life comes menopause! For some, this can be an easy, seamless transition. For others it can be months and years of debilitating symptoms ranging from hot sweats, severe insomnia, fatigue, low libido, vaginal dryness, dry skin, depression and mood changes as well as effects on bone density due to the decine in estrogen which is repsponsible for maintaing bone integrity.

There are lots and lots of wonderful treatment options to support you through this transition, mainly herbs to supports the hormonal changes as well as helping energy, stress and sleep. It can also be a times in a woman’s life where there are many other changes that can leave them feeling unsettled like having an ’empty nest’ once the kids have all moved out, reconnecting with their partners, dealing with the aging process and changes to worklife.

The regime I prescribe is unique to you and your symptoms, there is no ‘1 herbs to fix all’. My treatment can also be taken alongside medical HRT regime.