EEEEEEEEEk!! Watch out, the PMS monster is coming……. Do you feel like a different person before you get your period? Irrational, emotional, tired, angry? Or are you suffering physical symptoms such as sore, tender breasts, skin changes, acne, headaches, fatigue, bloating and fluid rention? Do you go up a cup size or pants size too??

These are all pesky and sometimes debilitating symtpoms of PMS. Due to an array of hormone imbalance, low minerals, poor diet and lack of down time, the week before your period can leave you feeling out of control, impulsive or down right grumpy.

Often there are detectable, treatable causes, easily managed with the right regime of herbs, diet and vitamins.

Feel like yourself again. Don’t continue to suffer for a whole week per month. Grab PMS