Preconception care

Your baby’s DNA is essentially locked in the moment conception takes place. Let’s get them started on the best foundation possible. Environmental exposure to toxins, smoking, poor diet, prescription and recreational drug use not only affects your own health at a DNA level, but 2 future generations after you! If that’s not a reason to butt out and clean up your act, I don’t know what is!


Preconception care is essentially preparing your bodies for conception, pregnancy and beyond. We are not only trying to fall pregnant, but ultimately, conceive a healthy, vibrant baby. Male and Female Fertility and preconception care is my area of interest and I pride myself on providing excellent care and advice in this area. In addition to addressing and treating any hormonal imbalances in the woman, I strongly encourage male partners to be involved in the healthcare and investigation of the preconception phase. Approximately 45% of infertility cases are due to male/sperm factors, sadly and scarily, a lot of the time this is overlooked and underestimated.


Consultations include relevant medical history, past and present, as well as family history, identifying and remedying nutritional deficiencies, implementing detoxification strategies where  required, modifying and rectifying dietary insufficiencies and treating any other underlying medical conditions impeding on your ability to conceive naturally. Some areas of treatment include hormonal deficits and/or excess (male and female)

  • Diagnosed reproductive disorders such as PCOS and endometriosis
  • Multiple/recurrent miscarriage: I also regularly work safely alongside Medical, IVF and assisted reproductive technologies.


You don’t have to have anything “wrong” to see a naturopath before trying to conceive. Don’t wait 12 months before seeking help if you are not falling pregnant. Knowledge is power.