Superfoods or super fad?

Acai, Maca, Camu camu, Spirulina, to name just a few.., No these are not the names of exotic mountain ranges, these, my friends, are the bees knees of super foods.

How do we distinguish between a fad and the real deal? Are super foods all they are cracked up to be? Is investing in the best quality food and supplements really worth it?

You walk into any health food store and the choices of anti-oxidant promising super foods is ENORMOUS! The question is, are they any good? I will give you my simple answer…… YES!! Generally speaking, the Western diets are high in refined carbohydrates, sugar, alcohol, caffeine and packets, tins and jars galore. Very sadly our diets are too low in fresh, local produce, good quality meats, fish, good fats, water and antioxidant rich food choices. Every toxin, chemical, stressor and bad food choice has consequences at a cellular level, causing free radical damage to our precious cells trying their very best to keep us thriving. Thus it is imperative that we not only do our best to avoid the nasties, is it also important to infuse our bodies with the nutrients that are equipped to go in to battle for us and win the cellular war against the junk!

Namely, such super foods and antioxidant rich goodies including acai berry, maca, spirulina etc are excellent additions to your daily smoothies, juices, cereals and yoghurt However, as some super foods do interact with medications and can be contraindicated in certain medical conditions, ALWAYS consult with a naturopath or qualified natural health practitioner before taking any supplements.

Spirulina is one of the highest sources of vegetarian protein available and a great source of B12. Bee pollen and Royal Jelly are also highly nutritious. They are high in protein and one of the highest sources of B spectrum vitamins (pun unintended!) Royal jelly is a substance produced by bees and then fed exclusively to the queen bee that lives on average 50 times longer than worker bees

So yes, super foods are “all that” and more! Together with a clean, healthy diet, exercising, adequate sleep and doing things bring you happiness and joy; antioxidant rich super foods make a wonderful combination. We need to take any and every opportunity to nourish and protect our bodies from the barrage of rubbish it is exposed to each and every day. They are not synthetic or artificial; they are REAL foods with huge nutritional gain.