photo (14)A big part of my practise and treatment is following the concept of letting food be thy medicine. I feel so sad that the western diet has deteriorated so dramatically in the last 30-40 years that 2 slices of white toast with vegemite is the standard breakfast and most dinners are either bought or come out of a jar. Not to mention the disastrous effect additives, chemicals, genetically modified foods, pesticides and colours have on our bodies, not only in the short term but on long term health.

We have lost touch with what it means to eat REAL food. Healthy, organic, clean produce, good quality meat, poulty and eggs and staples like nuts and seeds. HOME MADE, locally bought, growing your own, baking, cooking and sourcing your ingredients.

I spend a lot of time talking to patients about food, diet and nutrition. Whilst there is absolutely a time and a place and a huge need for herbs and supplements, the key to longevity and mantaining the effects that you get from supplements and herbs is on implementing good eating habits that are like long, not fleeting.

I offer lots of passion, advice, direction and guidance with diet and nutrition and am only too happy to share recipes, direct you to good resources and keep you motivated.

If there is only one thing you ever do for your health, it is cut out the junk. There is absolutely NO nutritional value in lollies, chips, cakes and fast food. Although I’m not a purist and I whole heartedly believe its ok to lash out every now and then, day to day, week to week, give your body the best fuel you can afford and prepare so you can win